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Parent Night - STEM

Parents and students please join us for our upcoming Parent Night on November 19th at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.  The Museum on Discovery and Science will be hosting the event with hands on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities for the families to enjoy.  We look forward to seeing you.

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Magnet and Innovative Programs

There will be an event taking place to showcase the various Magnet and Innovative Programs in Broward County Public Schools. Click HERE to view the flyer for more information about this upcoming event.

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Principal's Thoughts

There are approximately 6,500 hours of school time from kindergarten through fifth grade. That is only 270 full days! In this time, children have to be taught everything from distinguishing letter sounds and numbers to comparing themes across multiple sources of information and comparing the structures of plant and animal cells.  So what does this mean?

As educators, it means we need to be seriously deliberate in everything we do. Deliberate in the resources we bring to class, deliberate in the questions we pose to students and deliberate in the amount and quality of feedback we give to them. Some students will learn in spite of us, but the majority of students will not be successful if we are not true to being life-long learners within our profession. Time is not on our side.

As parents, we must be deliberate in how we prepare our child for school each day. Preparation for Monday morning should begin Sunday evening. Students should have their homework completed and packed away. Clothing should be deliberately placed somewhere in the house for easy access.

Additionally, as parents, we need to be deliberate in what we expose our children to--be it on the television, in conversations we have with other adults or on trips to the mall. We should use every moment as a teachable moment by directing them to learning in the environment (road signs, words on the food cans or boxes, instruction manuals or, the price of gas based on the amount pumped). Time is not on our side.

Working together, in this brief time, we can ensure that every student leaves Sawgrass with the education necessary to succeed in the next 6,500 hours of school.

Principal Roberts


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